UPDATE courses are only for podiatrists who already have the F-Balance PROFESSIONAL certification.

In these times, traveling is not so easy, but the need to work and stay up-to-date is important in order to be present in the market.

The online UPDATE course modality is OPTIONAL. Alternatively, you can take a refresher course at an official F-Balance Academy.

This way of keeping up to date allows you to obtain a star without the need to attend a classroom course.

A UPDATE course with a star keeps you up to date and active when it comes to the F-Balance concept.

The stars show your level of experience.

If you reach the maximum number of stars, horse owners looking for an F-Balance podiatrist will find you first in the search engine. An owner does not usually call a podiatrist with no or few stars.

You can obtain up to 4 stars online. However, star number 5 must be obtained at an in-person course taught by Daniel Anz or at an official F-Balance Academy.



You will be awarded this certificate when you obtain the highest experience score as an F-Balance PROFESSIONAL podiatrist.

When you purchase the REFRESHER course reservation, you will access this panel and you will be ready to submit the registration form

  INTRODUCTION - Read this first
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  Theoretical exam
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  Practical exam
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What is the difference between a UPDATE course and a REVALIDATION?

UPDATE courses allow you to obtain a star. The goal is for you to gain new knowledge and experience in applying the F-Balance concept.

A REVALIDATION is a simpler update, which allows you to revalidate your personal data in the search engine of our F-Balance website. The goal is to prove that you are still active in your profession and in the application of the F-Balance concept.

Who assesses my theoretical exam?

You do it yourself! You must pass an online multiple-choice test with 100% correct answers. This is the first step you must take to begin the refresher course.

Who evaluates my practical exam?

Your practical exam will be evaluated by Daniel Anz.

What happens if I don't pass my practical exam?

If you do not pass the practical exam you must take the UPDATE course in person at an official F-Balance Academy or at a course with Daniel Anz. You will not lose your money.

How often can I take a UPDATE course?

You are allowed to do a refresher course every 6 months. This gives you a chance to practice between updates.

What happens if I purchase two or more UPDATE
courses in a row?

You can purchase all 5 refresher courses in a row, but your practical work will only be evaluated once every 6 months.

How can I get a discount coupon?

You will receive a USD 15 discount coupon to pay for each online UPDATE course if you previously reserve the face-to-face UPDATE course (last star). You must request the code from [email protected] and enter it in "Add coupon code" in the payment form before confirming the purchase of the online UPDATE course.

Is it the same exam for each UPDATE ?

NO. Questions and answers may be randomly modified between exams.

Where should I send my practical work once finished?

You must send it to the email or WhatsApp number that you will see in the practice protocol after passing the theoretical exam.

Why can I only do 4 UPDATE courses online?

You must obtain the fifth star in person at an official F-Balance Academy. This allows the MASTER to see possible errors that might be difficult to detect in photographs.

Do I receive a certificate at the end of the UPDATE courses?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion which will be given to you in paper format at the end of the course.

Is the payment really secure?

Yes, we work with the payment provider STRIPE which is part of the TEACHABLE platform. The order form is protected by SSL encryption and your data will be handled according to the relevant data protection conditions.

Here is how it goes...

Step 1: Click on the "Go to the purchase form" button.

Step 2: Enter your payment information in the secure SSL encrypted purchase form.

Step 3: You will then receive a confirmation email from us and you will be able to set your password to enter your exclusive online course section.

It's that simple!

So click the button below to join hundreds of new professionals and become the F-Balance podiatrist with the most experience!



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