The online CONFERENCE is for those who are interested in learning about equine podiatry based on the F-Balance® concept.

We live in times when traveling is not so easy, but the need to improve oneself is important to stay present in the market.

The online distance CONFERENCE modality allows you to receive the knowledge, by means of a slide presentation, directly from Daniel Anz.

If you wish, you can go deeper into the F-Balance® concept before the conference. You can purchase and take the online THEORETICAL COURSE (not mandatory). Start the course now.

By purchasing the CONFERENCE you will access this panel and you will be ready to book a direct appointment with Daniel Anz.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a conference last?

The online conference has a maximum duration of 1 (one) hour, however, any inconvenience that may force to extend the time will be taken into account.

What methodology is used?

The online conference consists of a videoconference supported by a platform designed for this purpose, such as Zoom or Meet, for example.

Who organizes the videoconference?

The videoconference must be organized by the interested person.

What days can I book an online conference?

Daniel Anz is available from Monday to Saturday.

What is the availability schedule?

The time is scheduled directly with Daniel Anz after you purchase the reservation. Please allow for time differences between you and Daniel Anz depending on the country you are in.

What happens if the internet signal is interrupted during the videoconference?

You don't lose your payment, you just have to reschedule the day and time of the conference with Daniel Anz.

Do attendees receive a certificate at the end of the CONFERENCE?

No. Daniel Anz does not issue certificates to conference attendees.

Is the payment really secure?

Yes, we work with the payment provider STRIPE which is part of the TEACHABLE platform. The order form is protected by SSL encryption and your data will be handled according to the relevant data protection conditions.

Why do I have to pay in dollars?

Because the platform is worldwide, the price is fixed in a single currency (US dollar). But this is not a problem for you, because your bank or PayPal automatically converts it to your country's currency when debiting your account.

I don't have a credit card or PayPal. How do I pay the registration fee?

You can write to [email protected] and ask if you can make a bank transfer from your country.

Here's how it goes...

Step 1: Click on the "Book an appointment now" button.

Step 2: Enter your payment information in the secure SSL encrypted purchase form.

Step 3: You can send the form with your data now to book an appointment with Daniel Anz.

It's that simple!

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