The online CONSULTING is only for podiatrists who have passed the theoretical online course or who already have a practical training in an official F-Balance® academy.

We live in times when traveling is not so easy, but the need to work and improve oneself is important to stay present in the market.

The online distance CONSULTING modality allows you to trim or shoe your horse live together with Daniel Anz.

If you have not yet completed the online THEORETICAL COURSE you can start now.

FAQs and important information


Online counseling has a duration of one hour and a half (90'), however, any setback that the horse or the situation may cause will be taken into account.

The online consulting consists of a video call (WhatsApp recommended), where you work with the horse and Daniel Anz guides you in a personalized way. Photographs are also taken and returned with the points to be modified.

No. Only those who have passed the online THEORETICAL course or those who have the practical INITIATION certificate or PROFESSIONAL certification can receive a direct online consulting from Daniel Anz.

Yes! It is important that you do at least the theoretical online course to facilitate the understanding of terms and explanation during the video call with Daniel Anz. That way you will both speak the same "language".

You need a tame horse that you need to trim or shoe; a clean space with good light; a roofed place; all the necessary tools you work with daily; a cell phone with a good video camera; a good 3G or WIFI signal; an assistant to help you film and hold the cell phone while you work or a fixed support.

You can do an online consulting as often as you want.

Daniel Anz is available Monday through Saturday.

You do not lose your payment, however you will have to wait for Daniel Anz to have a new appointment.

No. Because the consulting is not a personalized course, but a support to apply the knowledge with the direct guidance of Daniel Anz.

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