PROFESSIONAL certification course is only for those who have taken the Practical INITIATION course or have sufficient experience in trimming or shoeing.

The certification allows you to correctly apply the F-Balance concept with the support of the official academies and Daniel Anz.

As a PROFESSIONAL F-Balance podiatrist you have the privilege of having a personal profile on the Balance F search engine. This personal profile is valid for two years and can be easily renewed by doing an online REVALIDATION.

The PROFESSIONAL certification allows you to upgrade your skills by accumulating stars. 

The stars show your level of experience. 

If you reach the maximum of 5 stars, horse owners looking for an F-Balance podiatrist will find you first in the search engine.

Before obtaining the PROFESSIONAL certification you must have passed the online Theoretical course.



You will receive this certificate at the official F-Balance Academy when you have completed the corresponding theoretical and practical exams.

Upcoming courses 2021-2022

You can purchase the reservation now and attend the course on any scheduled date. The reservation has no expiration date.

🇬🇧 English language

🇪🇸 PORRÚA Official Academy of Alejandro Asensio (Asturias, Spain): 11. - 12. December 2021. Still places free.

🇩🇪 DANIEL ANZ (51399 Burscheid, Germany): 05. - 06. March 2022. ✅ Still places free.

🇩🇪 DANIEL ANZ (87764 Legau, Germany): 07. - 08. May 2022. 🚫 COMPLETE.

🇩🇪 DANIEL ANZ (87764 Legau, Germany): 18. - 19. June 2022. Still places free.


When you purchase the reservation, you will access this panel and you will be ready to submit the registration form.

  PROFESSIONAL certification
Available in days
days after you enroll


Why take the PROFESSIONAL certification?

PROFESSIONAL certification is recommended for those who want to sell their podiatry service. Clients who ask for F-Balance podiatrists request professionals trained in this concept and with Daniel Anz's endorsement. The certificate differentiates you from those podiatrists who offer the F-Balance concept without understanding it in depth.

What other benefits do I have when I get certified?

You have the possibility of joining our search engine database. Horse owners are increasingly requesting F-Balance podiatrists. You can update your knowledge regularly. Every time you attend a course at an Academy, you receive one star. You can accumulate up to 5 stars of experience.

What are F-Balance stars?

The number of stars shows your experience with the concept. In the search engine, when an owner requests the services of an F-Balance podiatrist, they will find those with the most experience first.

How long is the certificate valid?

The PROFESSIONAL certificate is valid for life and cannot be annulled

Who assesses my theoretical and practical exams?

They are assessed by the MASTER of the academy in which you are to be certified.

What happens if I enroll and do not pass the exams?

In neither scenario do you lose your money. If you do not pass the practical exam, you must attend the official F-Balance Academy or a course with Daniel Anz. If you do not pass the theoretical exam, you must review the theory online and send the completed exam by email to the official F-Balance Academy where you want to get certified.

What happens if I pay for the reservation and then do not attend the course?

Reservations can only be refunded within 10 days of purchase. Please contact [email protected]

Do I receive a certificate upon passing the certification?

Yes, you receive a certificate in paper format upon passing the certification.

Is the certificate endorsed by the state?

No. The certificate is private. Daniel Anz certifies that you have participated in the practical INTRODUCTION to the F-Balance® concept.

Do I need to bring tools to the course?

Yes, the academies or schools usually have tools to lend, but try to bring your own for your convenience.

What is the total price of the Professional Certification?

137,00 US$ Theory online course + 187,00 US$ booking fee + the price you have to pay at the beginning of the practical course (you can find the price you have to pay at the school or academy of your choice at the bottom of this page).

Is the payment really secure?

Yes, we work with the payment provider STRIPE which is part of the TEACHABLE platform. The order form is protected by SSL encryption and your data will be handled according to the relevant data protection conditions.

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Step 1: Click on the "Go to the purchase form" button.

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Step 3: You will then receive a confirmation email from us and you will be able to set your password to enter your exclusive online course section.

It's that simple!

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187.- US$

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Find out the price you have to pay at your Academy

Pay the reservation fee and send the registration form. At the beginning of the on-site course you will pay the remaining balance.

Course by Daniel Anz

(F-Balance Director)

710.- € (icl. VAT)

Balance to be paid for two days of intensive practical course. Includes snacks, soft drinks and lunch.

Course in F-balance Academy North

(Trittau, Germany)

710.- € (icl. VAT)

Balance to be paid for two days of intensive practical course. Includes snacks, soft drinks and lunch.

Course in Porrúa

(Asturias, Spain)

705.- € (+ VAT)

Balance to be paid for two days of intensive practical course. Includes snacks, soft drinks and lunch.

Doubts and Consultations:

We are here to help you. If you have any questions, please contact Daniel Anz directly at

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