Over 30 years of experience on one single platform

Discover the new hoof trimming concept

The F-Balance® is the only measurable and reproducible method that restores the horse’s natural balance. 

Barefoot & Shoeing

This school will teach you how to trim a hoof considering the F-Balance®, both for barefoot and shod horses.

Forging technique

Daniel Anz also teaches you the basic principles of hot and cold forging, in order to correctly adapt the shoe to the horse's hoof.

Tips and suggestions

Daniel Anz's 30 years of experience as a farrier teaches you a simple method that has already helped thousands of horses in over 20 countries around the world.

About Daniel Anz

Daniel Anz was born in Argentina. He specializes in finding the horse's body balance through hoof trimming. He is one of the leading equine podiatrists engaged in teaching and research. He is internationally renowned for his revolutionary F-Balance® concept.

He is the author of the books “The New Farrier, a practical guide for the new farrier nowadays” and “F-Balance, returning to the essence of equine podiatry”.

His particular vision and deep knowledge of the horse's foot have made him a reference in the teaching of the trade.

He is the founder, director and coordinator of the F-Balance® polymodal training system.

«Ever since I started combining the longitudinal flexibility of the hoof with its natural limits in 1999, my life changed forever. After understanding the natural mechanics of the foot, I could never again trim a hoof using the traditional technique. Never again, really.»

Daniel Anz

Learn the theory at home and at your own pace. You can then choose to attend a practical course.

Follow these simple steps:

1- Pass the online theoretical course.

2- Choose the practical course you need to attend.

4- Attend the workshop. Pay the remaining balance there...

...and join hundreds of podiatrists who are already one step ahead in equine podiatry...
It’s that simple!

You can attend a practical course in our official academies and schools in Spain, Germany, Argentina or Mexico and in the countries where a Master F-Balance is present.

F-Balance ® PROFESSIONAL Certification

After taking the online course, if you have experience you can be part of the most requested group of professionals by horse owners.

The PROFESSIONAL certification allows you to apply the F-Balance® concept with the endorsement of Daniel Anz and with the possibility to participate in the professional update system.

F-Balance® Refresher course

Only for podiatrists who already have achieved the PROFESSIONAL certification.

The F-Balance® system aims to spread the concept in a responsible way, training podiatrists all over the world. It is our goal that every professional is to be trained to understand and apply the concept correctly. For this purpose, an update system is available, which aims to generate experience and keep the podiatrist actively involved with the latest knowledge.

Book by Daniel Anz

Digital format 

It complements the courses with detailed information on trimming and shoeing horses, from the particular vision of Daniel Anz.